Five Tips for Playing the Pipes

April sixth is an important day because it was the day that Scotland declared its independence from England’s Norman kings. Thus, every year on April sixth, countries around the world celebrate the Scottish Tartan Day. Many parades and events occur where ultimately Scotland is brought before your eyes. The unique Scottish attire, food, and sounds are attractive to the on looker’s aesthetic. One of the greatest things to be seen at these events are the historical highland dancers. Originating from the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland, there are many different styles of the highland dancing, but the most popular ones that are seen include the fling, Irish jig, and a sword dance. The dancers are known to easily amaze people because they are to follow the difficult task of executing good timing, technique, and artistic portrayal in their ghilles. Oftentimes, the highland dancers will demonstrate this painstaking task to the guests at the Tartan Day events. In addition, festivals and game events frequently showcase highland dance competitions year round. Nonetheless, Scottish culture has flourished and been supported in the United States with the help the help organizations, website, such as the United Scottish Society, whose motive is to fortify Scottish traditions by hosting all kinds of events that stimulate people to embrace the culture.


Seven Tips for Learning to Play the Bagpipes

Learning to play the bagpipes can be a great way to have a hobby that you truly enjoy. More and more people are realizing that bagpipes are actually quite easy to learn how to play whether they are planning to just play as a hobby or they are looking to play in local parades. The best way to learn how to play would be to find a music teacher who is able to teach this Read the rest of this entry »


Seven Tips for Learning the Highland Fling

The Highland Fling, a famous Scottish dance, is not easy to master. Because this dance combines both stamina and grace, students should exercise regularly in addition to learning the fundamental dance steps. For those who are interested in learning the Highland Fling, here are seven easy tips that will help you get started:

Balance is Important

Balance and grace are two important factors when someone is trying to learn this dance. Practice balancing for as long as possible on Read the rest of this entry »


Just What Exactly is Tartan Day?

Tartan Day happens every April 6.

It is celebrated by many Scottish communities all over the country, but seems to receive the most coverage in New York City. People flock from all over the country to visit these hotspots and, if they can’t be there in person, they’ll find some other way to experience it vicariously.

I once had a roommate who wanted to see the celebration so badly he actually shopped and browsed cable tv deals for a month until he found a provider that would give him the coverage he wanted.

That’s what got me asking:

Just what the heck is Tartan Day? Why is it so special? Why does it matter? Why do we have to watch it on television?

This is what I learned.

Yes, Tartan Day is celebrated on April 6. It is a celebration of Scottish heritage that marks the date of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. It was a declaration intended to assert Scotland’s position as an independent kingdom despite increased pressure from the English monarchy.

The spirit of the date is brought to life with people of Scottish descent (some celebrities even), shirking their everyday rituals to embrace and embody their Scottish heritage and identities for the entire world to see.


Hundreds of Pipers Amaze the Crowds on Tartan Day

Scottish heritage is something for many people to be proud of, and on April 6th it’s a day to showcase that pride. Tartan Day, which was originally begun in Canada of all places, has spread to America, Australia and a variety of other locales that have a community of Scottish descent. And as happens every year, crowds flock to see the displays of national pride and heritage, including the pipers.

Perhaps the most recognizable form of Scottish Read the rest of this entry »


Seven Ways to Research Your Scottish Heritage

Learning about your Scottish ancestry can be a very enlightening experience. There are plenty of ways that you can do so, with access to the right knowledge and resources you will be able to shed more light on your past and your families history. Making use of such resources can turn up far more information than you might think.

Asking your family members would be the best way to begin, they may know more than you had suspected. Books, and formal research at Read the rest of this entry »


Scottish Canadians Celebrate their Heritage on Tartan Day

Many Canadians bring their love of Canada and Canuck pride with them to New York, but those who are especially blessed bring with them their Scottish ancestry, Scottish roots and Scottish pride. Canada and Scotland have a long history of immigration and young Scots have taken their chance on Canada for over a hundred years. Scottish pride is evident from the Prime Minister’s office to the Canadian military, for example the Fighting 48th Highlanders wear their Tartan with great honour and pomp.The whole story can be found at August 2014

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